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You dont need to use this form if you dont want to, or if it is not appropriate for your enquiry, or if your enquiry relates to anything other than WW1 - you can simply send me an e-mail at prosearch@btinternet.com - but please make sure that you have read the page "how to send me an enquiry" before you do this. Please complete all appropriate boxes where possible - just leave blank where you dont know the answer - all information is not absolutely necessary, but the more the better ! Please do not use abbreviations for things like unit titles. Also, please dont hit the return key when filling in the boxes as this will send the form before you have completed it.

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9). Do you have any of his medals ?

10). Date & place of birth ?

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15). Do you have any further relevant information or records ?

16). If your enquiry relates to a unit then please detail here.

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Please date first box and insert your file reference (if you have one).


1). Full name please - filing system can't cope with "Fred" or "Cath", etc.


2). Please double-check this. About 1 /10 of the addresses I am sent are incorrect !


3). ie UK / USA / Australia / Canada etc.


4). Full name if possible, or surname and initials shown on medals.


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11). At enlistment.


12 - 13 - 14). If applicable and if known then please detail.


16). Please name the unit, relevant time period, and what you are trying to find out about it.